How to Save Money on Groceries Without Using Coupons


I paid only $33.96 by shopping at a discount store and price matching at Walmart

I saved $33.18 by shopping at a discount store and price matching at Walmart.

Today I went to Walmart, Aldi, and CVS with the purpose of buying groceries for the upcoming week. Our budget allows for $200 a month on groceries, which usually gives me $50 a week to spend. To stretch this out further, I use coupons like crazy and score some pretty sweet deals.

But what if you don’t have time to clip coupons?

My favorite discount grocery store is Aldi. This store has grocery items sold at a discount price, for example, milk for .50-.70 less than Walmart. The great thing about Aldi is that most items are made in the same factory as national brand food items. Kraft, for instance, makes the same cheese for Aldi under a different label. Aldi doesn’t accept coupons because most items are their own private label. Using this store won’t get you any free items, but prices are consistently lower than any other store nearby including Walmart.

For items I cannot get at Aldi or for items I can get for less by price matching, I shop at Walmart. You know those flyers you get in your mailbox or with your newspaper for all of your local grocery stores? Walmart will match any price listed in those ads for identical items. You can learn more here.

And of course, CVS, which has a frequent buying rewards program. My CVS total for 5 12-packs of Coke products was $26.45. Since I bought 5 for a promotional sale, it brought the total down to $15. I used $12.32 is Extra Care Bucks (reward money) to pay and only owed $2.68 plus tax. Additionally, I got $5 back to use next time. Not bad!

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