“Supportive” Ammunition

Alex asked me to stop by a sporting good’s store

to pick up a box of

12 gauge target load shotgun shells.

That was the end of his instructions,

meaning I could pick any box, right?

Shotgun shells


Little did I know that even the shells were pink!



I think he’s a bit embarrassed to take them target shooting,

but now he’s supported breast cancer research

and learned to be more specific next time.


I paid $56.43 for $117.01 in groceries

I love saving money and I love eating. Combining the two is peachy.

I went to CVS, Target and Walmart today and got the following for only $56.43:

Groceries for the week

Great prices:
3 80ct boxes of Splenda Essentials sweetener, $3.98 each, $3 off coupons = .98 each
4 Cascade 4pks, $1.09, $1 off coupon = .09 each
Red seedless grapes, $1.88/lb, price matched Aldi’s price of .88/lb
Red Bell pepper, $1.57, price matched Sprouts’s price of .99
8oz sliced mushrooms, $1.98, price matched Central Market’s price of $1.50
Kix cereal, $3.68, price matched Tom Thumb’s price of $1.99, used $1/2 coupon = $1.49
Lucky Charms, $3, price matched Tom Thumb’s price of $1.99, used with coupon above = $1.49
Roma tomato, $1.37/lb, price matched Tom Thumb’s price of .99/lb
2 Johnson & Johnson first aid kits, .97 each, used $1.50 off coupon = .22 each
Target brand eye drops, .97, used .50 off coupon from target.com = .47

Look at what I got for free:

Freebies worth $29.17

*Oops, only 1 nail polish should be pictured
Carmello bar, scanned my card at CVS price checker and a free coupon spat out
Revlon nail polish, $4.99, used $1 off coupon and used ECBs to pay the rest
Bic Soleil Shimmer razor, $8.39, used rain check to bring it down to $5.99, used $3 off coupon, used ECBs to pay the rest
CVS waterproof bandages, 3.69, free coupon from price checker
CVS body wash, $2.27, $3 off coupon was emailed to me
2 Penmate 10pk pens, $1 each, used $1 off coupons from target.com
2 Cascade Action pacs 3pk, .97 each, used $1 off coupons

Spent $56.43
Saved $60.58
Received $19 ECB to use next time (whoo-hoo!)

Meal plan shop

I needed some things for my meal plan this week. On Sunday I went out and got $82.62 worth of groceries.

Lotsa stuff for only $39.54

That’s right. I paid only $39.54 for my groceries. I saved $43.18 by using coupons and ad matching sales.

And take a look at what I got for free +


2 Cascade Action Packs trial size (3ct), .97 each (free plus .03 overage on each)
2 Frank’s RedHot Hot Sauce, .99 (free)
Complete Multipurpose solution (included free case), $7.99 (free)
Noxema 3 pk shavers, $1.97 (free plus .03 overage)
Balance Bar, $1.69 (free)
6 2 pocket folders with brads, .10 each (free, not pictured)

Honorable Mentions:
2 PaperMate ballpoint pens 10pk, .02 each
2 Kikkoman Soy Sauce, .42 each
Eggs, .64
Morton’s Season All, .64
Mt. Olive Pickles, .67
Kraft Swiss Cheese, .99
Morton’s Sea Salt giant size, $1.04

The only thing is we were dying for some things to snack on throughout the week. I got some peaches, but Alex ate them all within the hour I got home from shopping. This Sunday I will definitely be loading up on apples, oranges and bananas (and some Pita chips I will hide from him – shh).

$49.78 for Jeans, Allegra, Makeup, AND Groceries?

Would you pay $190.24 for the following?

Not me! I only paid $49.78 and saved $140.46 by using coupons with sales.

Look at what I got absolutely free:

A few of my Free items!
-(2) 24-ct packs of Niagara Water (2.50 each)
-Aluminium Foil (2.89) (not pictured
-Always pantiliners (2.99) (not pictured)
-(3) No-nonsense knee highs (not pictured)
-Maybelline FitMe Foundation (7.99) (not pictured)
-Maybelline Sheer Powder (5.99) (not pictured)
-Charmin 12 ct double roll toilet paper (5.99) (not pictured)
-(2) Snack Artist tortilla chips (2.99 each)
-(2) Vanilla Coke Zero 12 packs (5.99 each)
-Biore Facial Cleanser (8.29)
-Tide One Load Detergent (.99)
-Mossimo Skinny Jeans (19.99)
-Up&Up Floss (.97)
-(3) Nature Valley Granola Bars 4 pack ($1 each)
-(4) U by Kotex pantiliners (1.24 each)

Couponing is worth it! Booyah!

I spent $46.78 to feed my family this week

And got some cute jeans in there as well!

I got these groceries, health products and a pair of jeans for only $46.78. Without sales and coupons, this would have cost $119.62. I saved $72.84 AND got back $25.68 to use for my next week’s shopping, extending my budget to $75.68 for next week. Or put the extra $25 down on debt. We’ll see.

  • The jeans are $4.98 at Target in the clearance section. There was a $5 off denim Target coupon you could print off their website, but it was gone before I tried to print it. If you have one, go get some free jeans!

    Maalox liquid and Maalox chewables, free at Walmart
    Aquafresh Toothpaste travel size, free at Walmart
    Community Coffee, free at Walmart
    2 Motrin PMs, free at Walgreens
    Up&Up Ibuprofin, free at Target
    Excederin Extra Strength, free at Target
    Propel Zero Water, free at Kroger
    2 Martha White muffin mixes, free at Kroger

      Noteworthy Prices with coupons

    French’s Spicy Brown Mustard, .28
    Community Coffee, $3.88
    Cheerios Cinnamon Burst, $1.13
    Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cereal, .50
    Up&Up pantiliners, .14

    Final July Grocery Shop

    Total Worth: $147.30
    Total Paid: $74.90
    I saved $72.40 by using coupons with sales. That’s a little less than 50% savings, but I also got back $8.99 in ECBs to use next week.

    Take a look at what I got from Kroger, Tom Thumb and Albertson’s:

    Here’s what I got from Target, CVS and Walgreens:

    Here is what I got for free:


    -U by Kotex pantiliners are $4.99 at Walgreens. I used a $1 off coupon and received $4.99 ECBs, making $1!
    -Chef Boyardee cans are .99 at Target. Print as many coupons as you want from target.com for $1. I only printed two so I got 2 free!
    -Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths are $2.99 buy one get one free at Walgreens.
    -Lady Speed Stick deodorant is .88 at Kroger. I used a .50 off coupon that was doubled making it free!
    -Bic pens are .99 at Target. I used a $1 off printable from Target.com (again you can print as many as you want).

      Practically free

    -Xtra Laundry Detergent is on sale for $1.99. I used a $1 off coupon, paying .99!
    -Bengay No Mess Massager is on sale for $5.99 marked down from $9.99. I used a $3 off coupon, paying only $2.99 and received $2 back in ECBs.

    -Summers Eve products are on sale for buy on get one free. I used two .75 off coupons, paying $1.49 for two products!

    -Cute top in the 75% off clearance rack was priced $3.24!
    -Willy Wonka chocolate bars are on sale for $2.29. I bought 2 bars, used a $1 off coupon from target.com and a $1 off manufacturer’s coupon for each bar, paying only .29 each!
    -Bagel Bites frozen mini pizzas are on sale for $2.19. I used a target.com printable for $1 off plus $1 off manufacturer’s coupon, paying only .19!

    -C&H sugar is priced $2.69. I used a $2 off coupon when you buy 10 koolaid packets, paying only .69!
    -Tony’s Crispy Pizza is on sale for $1 marked down from $1.59. I used a $1/2 coupon, paying .50 each!
    -Sally Hansen Base Coat Nail Polish was in the clearance aisle for $1.57 marked down from $6.29. I used a $1 off printable paying only .57!
    -Honeysuckle Ground Turkey is on sale for $1 per package marked down from $2.79!

    -Springdale gallon milk is on sale for $1.50 with additional $10 purchase!

    Tom Thumb
    -Hefty Trash bags are on sale for $5.99 marked down from $7.49. I used a Tom Thumb ad coupon for $1 off and a $1 off printable coupon, paying only $3.99!
    -Gold Pineapple is on sale for $1.99 marked down from $3.99. I used a .50 off printable coupon which was doubled, paying only .99!

    Well Hello, there, Target!

    I subscribe to thegrocerygame.com to alert me when things are on sale at their lowest prices. The cost of this service is $10 every 3 months. Just this week, the website has added Target to their database. Growing up in rural Oklahoma, I only went to Target when we made the “big trip” up to Tulsa, an hour away, and even then it was only when my mom had to buy a wedding gift.

    Today was my first time officially shopping at Target, besides stepping in for home decor. Look at what I got:

    Check out those cute tank tops! They were in the dollar bin for $2.50 each. I also got two sandwich tupperwares and a pizza-shaped tupperware for $1 each. That will really save on daily ziploc bags needed when I bring lunch to work. I will have to figure out how to fit this store in my budget…

    These products cost $57.20. By using coupons for things that are on sale, I only spent $29.32, saving $27.88!

    Here’s what I got for free:

    Here’s how YOU can get these for free, too!

    Old El Paso Taco Seasoning (.79) I used a coupon that I peeled off a box of taco shells a few months ago that stated “buy 2 Old El Paso products, get seasoning free”

    Veet Hair Removal ($5.89) I used a $3 off printable coupon from coupons.com and also a Target printable coupon from target.com for $3 off

    Lean Cuisine Market Fresh Meal ($3.89) Target is having a sale= buy 5 lean cuisine dinners, get the meal free

    2 Benadryl Itch relief Sticks ($2.29 each) I used a $5 off 2 Benadryl products coupon from the newspaper