“Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen”

Wow! Action packed! That is to say, that’s what I would have noticed if I could tear my eyes away from Megan Fox’s newly injected fish lips.

This sequel had a better story line than the first. More action. More beautiful women.
The dialog was a little cheesy, but it makes sense, if they were trying to keep it in line with the original Transformers cartoon. The bad language was even only on an 8th grade level, instead of today’s college standards.
If you haven’t seen the first, you might not understand the second because they do not backtrack to explain.
I yawned a bit at the beginning, but it definitely picks up and I had my hands over my eyes by the end. (maybe because I was in the third row at the Imax…)
They even left a little hope for a third installment.
A definite must see!
Four stars! Go see it tonight!

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